With over 1,300 breweries only in Germany, it's pretty hard to keep an overview over the beer situation. The raise of small craft beer breweries makes it even more challenging to find the best beers around.

With the MAPYOUR.BEER beer map, we provide a bird's eye view of beers and breweries worldwide. Help us to fill the map with data by sending us your favorite beer together with some additional information and some pictures and we will put it on the map. Note that it is not enough to send the cap or the label. No, we want the full bottle (of course we're not doing this for our own benefit). ;-)

Okay... If you don't want to send us your beer, you could instead come to one of several MAPYOUR.BEER events we are going to organize in the future. The idea is that all participants bring their favorite beers and interchange them with the others. This way we can fill our map with information and you can try other tasty beers. Deal?



The next event is going to take place at the FOSS4G conference in Bonn, Germany on the 24th of August.



Where to send the beer

geOps, Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 263, D- 79098 Freiburg


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